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When looking for a shop to repair your vehicle, ask around (word of mouth is often a good indicator), call or, better yet, stop by and speak face to face with the owner or manager and ask questions.  The repair facility should be friendly and easy to communicate with.  Also, the repair facility should be clean and well kept, even in the shop area.  Working on vehicles can be messy, but every effort should be made to maintain a clean shop.

When you find a repair facility (hopefully us) it is very important that your concerns for your vehicle are communicated to the Service Manager.  “Communication is Key”

Upon repair of your vehicle, don’t be afraid to ask to see the old parts.  Seeing the old parts can sometimes help you understand what you spent your hard earned money on.  At Jays, we always keep your old parts until the customer picks up their vehicle.  Ask to see what is defective or broken before the repair and how it was determined to be defective, then ask to see it after the repair (sometimes, installed parts will not be visible).  Your repair should be easily explained by your service provider.

Always ask about warranty on expected work.  Everything should be easy to understand and straight forward.

If you are pricing around, remember, cheaper is not always better.  Always compare apples to apples.  One repair shop may be substantially cheaper, but may be using inferior parts and/or may be cutting corners to sell a job.  If we can’t do it right, we won’t do it.

Supplying your own parts may seem like you’re saving money, but in fact it might be doing more harm than good to your wallet.  Since we do this on a daily basis, we have established a good idea of what parts we can rely on.  Also, our good relationships with our suppliers allow us to provide you with a warranty on their parts.  This is why we shy away from installing customer supplied parts.  Doing work you can’t stand behind is bad business!

Ask for a written estimate.  There could always be unforeseen obstacles that could lead to additional costs. However, your service provider should usually be able to provide you with a pretty good idea of what will be required to properly repair your vehicle.


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