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Preventative Maintenance

1. Fluids
It is important to keep all your vehicle’s fluids changed and clean.  Everyone remembers engine oil and filter changes, but seem to neglect other vital fluids, such as, transmission (both standard shift and automatic), power steering, brake fluid, engine coolant, differential fluid (both front and rear), and transfer case fluid.  Always check your owner’s manual for any questions or feel free to call us at anytime.  Also, when we perform our full service oil change, we always monitor these vital fluids for you.

2. Filters
Air filters, fuel filters, cabin air filters, crank case breather filters, transmission filters, and, of course, engine oil filters are all part of an important maintenance program.

3. Accessory Drive Belts and Hoses
This is another very commonly neglected area, and most manufacturers do not provide replacement intervals which makes it all the more important to have your care inspected by qualified technicians on a regular basis.  Typical replacement is approximately every four years.

4. Wheels and Tires
Tire rotations should be done every 6k miles.  Steering/suspension inspections every year, along with alignment checks, will help maintain maximum fuel efficiency as well as prolong tire life.  Don’t forget air pressure, this is another item we check during a full service oil change.  Also, on a side note, frequent tire rotations give us a chance to inspect your brake lining thickness (which leads to our next step).

5. Brakes
Frequent brake inspections not only give you peace of mind, but prevent costly surprises.  Neglecting to catch a worn brake lining in time can lead to damaged rotors, drums, and in extreme cases, even calipers and/or wheel cylinders can become over extended…not to mention…the obvious safety concern.  This is why, here at Jays, there is only one way to do a brake job and that is the RIGHT WAY.  We do not offer tier level (good, better, best) brake jobs, only premium parts installed at a fair competitive price.

6. Engine Tune/Performance
Although vehicles have come a long way from the old days with carburetors and points that required almost constant attention, the still should not be over looked.  Spark plugs, ignition wires, crank case ventilation valves all need to be replaced as per manufacturer recommended intervals.  We have also found it to be beneficial to perform regular induction system services, which includes, cleaning the upper intake system, intake and exhaust valves, combustion chamber, exhaust system, and fuel tank, filter and lines.  The induction system service is done with a two part pressurized chemical injection and a cleaner added to the fuel tank.  At Jays, we use all B.G. products for this process.  This will maintain engine performance and efficiency and it will restore performance on neglected engines.

7. Timing Belts
IF your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt, it will require replacement at some point.  Again, you should check your owner’s manual or ask us when it should be replaced for your specific vehicle and driving conditions.  Typical replacement is between 60-100k miles.  A worn or broken belt can cause serious engine damage.  Again, that is why we will only do a timing belt the RIGHT WAY which may require replacement of other components, including idler pulley and possibly the water pump (if it is a timing belt driven water pump).  This is not an area you want to cut corners.  We use only premium parts and do it right the first time.

8. Wipers
With Colorado’s hot dry summers, sometimes it is easy to forget wipers until you need them.  Wipers is another item we inspect during a full service oil change.

9. Lights
Brake, turn, tail, park, license plate, back up, headlights, fog lights.  I don’t need to tell you how important these are to your safety, that’s why we check them during your service.

10. Battery
Cables, connections and batteries should be kept clean and checked for performance twice a year (once before winter and once before summer).

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