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Fleet/Emergency Vehicles

At Jay’s Automotive, we employ highly trained Fleet Repair Specialists and Emergency Vehicle Repair Specialists. Jay’s Automotive is here to help you keep your fleet vehicles and emergency vehicles, whether gas or diesel, in top running condition for you to continue to efficiently conduct everyday operations. Maintaining your vehicles is a necessary part of managing an efficient fleet, and our team provides outstanding service to help you maintain your fleet which will allow your business to be more productive and prosperous. We understand the costs related to downtime when managing a fleet of vehicles and we try to minimize such downtime with timely repairs. In most cases, we also provide pickup and drop off services.

In addition to our maintenance and repair services, we also offer DOT Inspections.

We already have relationships with several fleet management payors, such as Element, ARI, Donlen, Enterprise, Car Advise, Emkay, Fleetio, and Voyager Maintenance Solution. We are happy and capable to arrange payor arrangements with any other fleet management payors, if necessary.

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